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Chamber Talks


I love the holidays and the kindness and gratefulness that it brings out in our friends and neighbors. I notice that most people smile more and participate in events to support our community at this time of year.

This year Palm City families will be treated to a new tradition. The Palm City Chamber of Commerce is creating a Holiday Village at the Patio at Mapp Road Town Center. We are inviting local businesses to create a representation of their business or organization to display for the month of December along the 20-foot-wide sidewalk in front of the pond on Mapp Road. These displays will be decorated with holiday lights for amazing photo opportunities.

The Palm City Chamber of Commerce is featuring our small local landmarks Holiday Village for you to enjoy in your own homes. These are sure to become collector’s items. Crafted by TBC created replicas of the old Palm City Post Office and the Lyric Theater for our first editions. Both buildings are made of wood and can be purchased through Crafted by TBC, Twinkles, or the Palm City Chamber of Commerce. Check our Facebook page or website for more information. We intend to add 2 Martin County landmarks each year to this collection.

As Thanksgiving approaches, many of us take the time to reflect on all we have to be grateful for.  Living in Martin County should be near the top of our lists. Martin County provides a beautiful, safe community for us to call home with an abundance of kind and generous residents. Our educational system provides excellence for our children.

One of my favorite projects every year as a Kindergarten teacher was to ask my students the all-important question, “How do you cook a turkey?” I hope you enjoy some of these responses from the perspective of a 5-year-old.

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!


“Catch a turkey from the farm and put it in the oven for 7 minutes. The oven should be fire hot. Then take out for 10 minutes, then eat.”

“Go hunting and find a turkey. Take off the feathers and cook it in the oven for 40 minutes at 20 degrees. Put teriyaki sauce on it and eat.”

“You have to put stuff in it and put it on a pan. Put it in your sink for a little bit. You got to squeeze the thing in the turkey and put in the oven when the oven is on.”

“Hunt the turkey, (but you could get under arrest). Take all the feathers off and cook it. You just throw it in the oven for 20 minutes or so. Cut it when all the people arrive and then eat it!”

“Go to the store and get a female turkey, (females are stronger). Cook it in the stove for 18 minutes. Take it out and then cook it some more like 10 minutes. Then we eat it!”

“Find a turkey on a farm. Cook it but first you have to take his feathers off and put him on a metal stick on top of the oven. Cook for about 10 minutes. Take him off the stick, cut him up, and eat him!”

“You get a turkey from the store. You cook it in an oven at 100 degrees for 100 hours. Take the turkey out and eat it!”


Palm City currently has many projects happening to improve the quality of life for our residents.  The Palm City Chamber of Commerce is working with art students at Martin County High School to create a special mural on the east wall of the Palm City Post Office.  The path around the lake at the Town Center at Mapp Road is being completed with some surprises to come.

The Ripple project is underway working to reconnect the Old Palm City neighborhood with the St. Lucie River.  It is called “Ripple… as a drop of water becomes a river”.  This is happening at three distinct sites along SW 28th and 29th Streets.  The main objective is to hold and provide treatment for the runoff water form this area.  This will improve the water quality by reducing the nutrient loads of phosphorus and nitrogen.

Ripple includes connected bio swales, rock sculptures, walking trails, and gazebos to be used by residents and visitors to our area.  Students waiting for their school bus may also enjoy the ability to get out of the sun or rain and duck into a shelter.  Over 11,000 native plantings accent the shell rock walking paths.

I had the opportunity to tour the project at the end of August and was impressed to hear that Ripple is receiving grant funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.  It is one of only a handful of projects nationwide to receive this prestigious financial award.  The Ripple project is a unique combination of stormwater treatment, artistic elements, and community engagement.

I believe that this is a wonderful way to improve our water quality with the added bonus of artistic and educational features.  There are QR codes along the walking path with interpretive message panels.  A wonderful way to spend the evening or early morning walking and learning along the fabulous waterway in Palm City.

Palm City is very fortunate to have this amazing project come to fruition.  I love hearing neighbors talking about seeing young people fishing and locals strolling along the paths.  As our weather gets cooler, take the time to enjoy Ripple.



The morning of August 11 was very strange for me.  For 34 years of my adult life, it was the “First Day of School.”  Even though I was the teacher, and not the student, it was always an exciting day.  Children are not the only ones that are anxious, nervous, and energized for the beginning of a new school year.  There is a wonderful story called, First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg, highlights a teacher and her emotions as she goes to school on the first day.  My Kindergarten students were always shocked to think that I was nervous and sharing their same feelings on this special day.

Covid has made the last 18 months an extremely difficult time on all of us.  We don’t really know the effects the uncertainty is having on our children and their daily lives.  We all count on our educators to be there to support, love and teach our children.  I retired from teaching right before the Covid outbreak, and I can’t even comprehend all that has been expected of our educators.  They were expected to teach to students in their classrooms and online simultaneously.  Their responsibilities were multiplied as they prepared and instructed our children during the day.  The support staff must work under new conditions to be sure the schools are cleaned properly, children receive healthy meals, and children are transported safely.

The beginning of the school year marks a new opportunity for friends and social and emotional growth.  This year our children are excited to be together, yet they are still having to be cautious.  I am always impressed to see little kiddos wearing masks like it’s no big deal.  I wish I was as comfortable in mine as they seem to be.  You can still see their adorable smiles if you look into their eyes.

This year, more than ever, our educators and students need our support.  Thank you to the Martin County voters for passing a bond for a brand new Palm City Elementary School.  The new school is being built on the same property and will address some traffic concerns.  The residents of 34th Street will be happy to know the main traffic flow will be on Palm City School Avenue, which will lessen the traffic on their street and the new and improved Mapp Road.  The projected timeline for the school to be ready is in 2023.

Drive safely in the school zones and thank a teacher whenever you can.


Palm City has many new and exciting events to provide networking opportunities for our businesses as well fun for our community members.
The Mapp Road Ribbon Cutting Celebration will be held on Saturday, August 14th from 10:00AM-Noon. Local businesses will have merchandise and promotional items for attendees. There will be a short ribbon cutting program, food trucks and a children’s area including the Treasure Coast Wildlife Center and the Treasure Coast Humane Society. In addition, the fire station will have an Open House.
Friday, October 22nd grab your steins to attend Brews & Boos at Charlie Leighton Park from 6:00-9:00PM. This beer tasting festival is for adults over 21 with prizes for those participating in a costume contest.
The 2nd Annual Veterans Memorial Bridge 5K will be on Saturday, November 6th. This patriotic family run begins and ends at Jock Leighton Park. Registration for the run will be available on RunSignUp.
We had a blast this year at our Clay Shoot at the South Florida Shooting Club. We will be hosting this event again on Saturday, January 22, 2022.
Excitement will be building as we prepare for the 3rd Annual Cow Plop Bingo! Yes, you read that correctly, and it is exactly what you are thinking. We all gather and cheer for a cow to “plop” on your specified space. Squares can be purchased ahead of time or at the event. Family fun, Western style, out at the Rockin H Ranch on Sunday, February 27th. The Tom Jackson Band will be our featured entertainment, besides the cow, along with a petting zoo, food trucks, face painting, fairy hair and specialty vendors. Grab your cowboy hat and boots and plan to join in on this unique day.
These are a few upcoming events that have been created with our community in mind. Palm City is a blend of country and small town. We encourage everyone to participate in community-minded events because these events are what make our town, and Martin County, an amazing place to live, work, and play.
For more information on any of these events go to or call us at 772-286-8121.




Welcome to Palm City Highlights, an opportunity to be up to date on the happenings of our fabulous Palm City community so many of us call home.  As the Executive Director of the Palm City Chamber of Commerce and a Martin County local for 47 years, I am honored to be able to write this article for you.  We have many exciting things happening in Palm City currently. I will focus on the improvements to Mapp Road for this segment.

The Community Redevelopment Agency, CRA, has been working very hard to create a wonderful Town Center for the residents of Palm City on Mapp Road.  This project has been in the works for many years, and we are finally able to see it come to fruition.  We are grateful to District 5 Commissioner Ed Ciampi, the Palm City Neighborhood Advisory Committee and Sunshine Land Design for their dedication to this amazing project.  Many Mapp Road merchants including Dr. Rex Sentell and Mike DiTerlizzi have kept this project in the forefront with their countless hours of volunteering on committees and their constant commitment to the betterment of Palm City.

The Mapp Road Town Center Project includes generous 10-foot-wide sidewalks, beautiful landscaping, decorative streetlights, trash/recycling receptacles, benches, curb and gutter drainage, on-street parking and a well-connected corridor that safely accommodates vehicles, bicycles, and people.  The project should be completed in August with a Grand Opening to be scheduled.  This event will feature a children’s area, food and merchandise from neighborhood shops and a Ribbon Cutting with community leaders at the soon to be Patio of Palm City Place between the fire station and Palm City Animal Medical Center.  The Patio, in front of the lake, will be the location of many future events.  The Palm City Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Neighborhood Advisory Committee has plans for a Holiday Village in December and other family activities to showcase the new walkable corridor in Palm City.  We look forward to welcoming The Barn Restaurant from the owners of Kork Restaurant in Hobe Sound. We hope to attract new shops, restaurants, and other merchants to the area with the completion of the Mapp Road Town Center.

If you have any questions concerns regarding the happenings in Palm City, please check out our website at or contact Missi at 772-286-8121.

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